Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On storytelling.

My story will be told from the perspective of several characters and divided into chapters, each character having a certain amount of chapters dedicated to his branch, probably spanning a great deal of time and not in chronological order at all times. In addition, each of these characters will have his own unique party of friends/followers, with some characters leaving, rejoining, and possibly joining other parties at some point.

One character's actions can potentially affect another character's available actions. And in tandem with that online puzzle game thing, the characters' actions on their puzzle grids can affect some other character's puzzle grid, the same way that an NPC's actions can.

The story and setting have also changed. (See? I'm not doing nothing.) The timeframe is now a bit further in the future. On the planet is a cluster of smaller, more traditional societies who all pay tribute to a church run by scientists, sometimes not voluntarily. One day, the denizens of the world awaken to find a giant metal wireframe shell covering their planet, obscuring the sun. Its purpose and origin are unknown (to you, at least!).

For the record, I posted an idea within the first week, and SDHawk has only posted ideas up to this point, so I feel like I've fulfilled the once-a-week requirement just as s/he has.

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I'm sure you feel justified.

Maybe we should put it to a vote. And then I'll summarily ignore the vote and chide you publically anyways because GRUEDORF is not a VOTEOCRACY!