Monday, December 17, 2007

It just gets more and more pathetic.

Well, I've decided to slap myself in the face and stop using OGRE, at least initially. I'm back to ika. Hopefully I can separate the game logic from the drawing parts enough that I could theoretically go back to OGRE once the main game systems are done.

I've reverted to some basic windowing code that I made back in the last game compo, and hopefully once I get that in, I can start coding the basics of the battle and ability systems. The ability part can be reused somewhat, but it'll be scaled down and made simpler because I no longer have to worry about the time aspect, now that abilities execute simultaneously.

So yeah... another non-update. But it's okay, no one's watching this place anyway. I bet you wouldn't even see if I took my pants off... ahh, that's better. No one can see me, because I'm invisible. Can't even see my tinfoil hat. Ain't nobody gettin' in here, not even ME. Mwahahaha.

What? The mic's been on the whole time? I swear, the help is always so incompetent. This interview's over. Over and out.

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egometry said...

You make me sad. Like this: