Monday, December 10, 2007


Yeah I guess I went two weeks without posting. This isn't going to be a real post, just a crappy pseudo-update like usual.

Some character/story ideas I've had:
- one character is a female sniper on the planet who lives in an abandoned fort. She maintains the machines, such as defense turrets, to keep out raiders and protect her little brother. Her actions accidentally start the conflict, and bring the other civilization to the planet.
- a male worker bee in the orbiting civilization in charge of monitoring and finding new planets. A beacon from the planet the game takes place on leads to the conflict, and this person is interested in learning more about the planet, whose data is inexplicably already stored in the ship's records.
- a male wanderer gets tangled up in a mercenary plot and is forced to pretend to be their leader. Eventually they wind up taking a contract investigating the orbiting civilization, but get in over their heads. Inner conflict in the group forces this individual to make an important decision.

Gameplay: Battles are now simultaneous, much different from originally planned. Commands are entered for the turn for all your player characters, sometimes allowing you to chain abilities or delay your turn slightly; otherwise, all abilities execute simultaneously, except for a few which go before or after and can modify sequence of events. This removes the problems with coding, a continuous update state, and the problem of constantly interrupting the action by taking input from the player.

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