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The evil wizard Moldeus is threatening the Kingdom of Tyrax once again. Prince Dallio has set out to do battle with him, but he is quite weak and stands no chance. His retainer Sedgwick has taken care of the Prince his whole life, and has done everything for him, and as a result the Prince has grown up naive and unable to provide for himself. Sedgwick offers his services to the Prince to guide him on his journey, but the Prince declines; a true hero must go it alone and face death to truly serve the Kingdom.

...So take control of Sedgwick and manipulate the events in the Prince's journey without his knowledge to increase his odds of defeating Moldeus.



A quite simple 2d puzzle game style view, where everything is just plastered onto the screen (or just think every NES game that takes place on a map). There will be a window on the side that lists events currently happening, a window on the bottom detailing Sedgwick's stats and Dallio's entourage stats (more abbreviated), and a window close to Sedgwick's stats showing his current inventory. Pressing some??? button will zoom the main view out to show the whole world map.


Map: Exploration

The game takes place on the continent of Tyrax and a small archipelago next to it housing Moldeus' Keep. It is roughly divided into ??? X areas, each ending with a thematic boss and granting entry to a wider area. Exploration is mostly linear, but ??? it might allow branching at one point, just for fun.

The Prince and his entourage will plod slowly along the main road until they hit a dead end or an obstacle that you've placed for them, at which point they'll try to find a way around or send out a messenger to summon workers from the kingdom to come and clear the obstacle (can't have the Prince and his entourage doing the dirty work, can we?)

??? In each area you might find watchtowers that you can climb to reveal the current screen or the current area.


Map: Interaction

The following are ideas for interactable objects/obstructions:

- The horses will get tired and need to drink from a nearby stream.

Obstruct the prince:
- Chop down a tree, it falls into the road. The King then sends back a messenger to bring workers.
- Cut down a rope bridge.
- Place a detour sign on a circular road.
- The entourage stops at a bar for a while.

Train the prince:
- Enemies: lure them out onto the main path to force the prince to fight them.
- Shop: steal or buy the items you don't want the prince to have. In this way you can force him to use the equipment you think he should.

Train yourself:
- Perform various odd tasks for NPCs to gain useful items or money or something.


Resources: Music

All music should have a generic high fantasy orchestral sound to it. Lo-fi, MODs or MP3s, nothing needs to be longer than about a minute but it should loop seamlessly.

- Easy Battle Theme - victorious sounding, fantasy fanfares
- Hard Battle Theme - exciting, dangerous, maybe you'll lose
- Boss Battle Theme - dark, foreboding, orchestral

- Grassland Theme
- Snowy Theme
- Jungle Theme
- Desert Theme
- Dark/Badland Theme

- Prince's Fanfare, Long (5 sec) - trumpets, royal, etc
- Prince's Fanfare, Short (2 sec) - smaller version of above
- Sedgwick's Fanfare (2 sec) - comical, sparse, instruments of the peasantry

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