Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New/Quick Project: Temporary name "Prince Dallio"

The evil wizard Moldeus is threatening the Kingdom of Tyrax once again. Prince Dallio has set out to do battle with him, but he is quite weak and stands no chance. His retainer Sedgwick has taken care of the Prince his whole life, and has done everything for him, and as a result the Prince has grown up naive and unable to provide for himself. Sedgwick offers his services to the Prince to guide him on his journey, but the Prince declines; a true hero must go it alone and face death to truly serve the Kingdom.

...So take control of Sedgwick and manipulate the events in the Prince's journey without his knowledge to increase his odds of defeating Moldeus.

I know what you're saying: so when's the next project idea gonna come? Well, shut up. That's when.

This is a quicker project and isn't some pipedream game like my tactics nonsense in its various incarnations. I don't anticipate working on this for more than a month.


egometry said...

The undorf one welcomes you back to the land of the unlosing.

Please try to stay here more than a week.

jf said...

Oh cool, Jeeves and Wooster RPG